To carry on the business of merchant banking in all its aspects, whether by way of public offer or otherwise, of share, stock, debentures, bonds, units, participation certificates, deposits, certificates notes, bills, warrants, or any other instruments whether or not transfereable or negotiable, commercial or other paper or scripts (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "securities"), to act as agents of and or dealers in business, to act as financial consultants, adviser and counsellors in investment and capital markets, to underwrite, sub-underwrite or to provide stand-by or procurement arrangements, to issue guarantees or to give any other commitments for subscribing or agreeing to subscribing or agree to procure subscription for the securities, to manage portfolio investments, to provide financial and investment assistance for the purposes herein, to act as issue house, registrar to the issue, transfer agents, for the securities, to manage and administer computer centres and clearing houses for the securities to from syndicates or consortia of managers, agents and purchasers, for or any of the securities, to act as brokers, dealers and agents of or in connection with the securities, bullions and precious metals, to syndicate any financial arrangements whether in domestic market or on international market and whether by way of loans, guarantees, export and yard credit; to undertake the work of factoring of bills and other commercial papers and to arrange and/or co-ordinate documentation and negotiation in this regard.